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Ohio Man "Saved By the Belt" In Wooster

  • 9/8/2019 4:51:19 PM
  • Ingrid Schmidt
  • Local News

WOOSTER, OH- Kyle Dunkle of Rittman was "Saved by the Belt" this July after a serious crash in Wooster Township.

On July 4, 2019 Dunkle was in a crash on State Route 3, and was saved from being seriously injured or killed because he was wearing a seat belt.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol welcomed Dunkle into their "Saved by the Belt" Club to celebrate his life being saved by seat belt usage.  Wooster Post Commander Lietenant Stephanie Norman and Trooper Rick Ondick of the Wooster Post both presented Dunkle with a "Saved by the Belt" certificate and a "Saved by the Belt” license plate bracket on Sunday.  The certificate was signed by the Ohio Department of Public Safety Director Thomas Stickrath and Patrol Superintendent Colonel Richard Fambro.

“Kyle was fortunate enough to be wearing his safety belt at the right time,” Lieutenant Norman said in a press release, “It undoubtedly saved his life.  Everyone should be buckled every time you get into your vehicle.”

According to the Patrol, 425 out of 996 motorists who were killed in crashes in 2018 were not wearing a safety belt that was available to them.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is one of 400 law enforcement agencies who have teamed up with the Ohio Department of Public Safety for the "Saved by the Belt" Club.  The goal of the program is to recognize the importance of seat belt usage and shine a spotlight on those who have been saved by using their safety belts.


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